About Us

Hope Box Project Guam was established in February 2023 with the mission of providing a box filled with necessities specially selected local products to provide comfort to children.

Every Hope Box is a curated gift box highlighting products from different local small businesses. We hand select items to create unique gifts to show children we serve that they are valued, seen & loved. Packaged and delivered.



Our products that fill each box is carefully picked by our team. Our products aren't coming from a warehouse in another country, they are coming from local small businesses, your dads hobby shop or your moms porch. We create a friendly partnerships between local people. We are supporting the people behind local businesses!


Our mission is give hope to teens on Guam

Our Vision To inspire our community to unite so that our future generation are given the opportunity and experience to boost confidence and self-esteem.


Our Values

Collaboration: We can achieve more by collaborating with and learning from small business partners and inspiring the community to take action.

Loyalty: Loyalty is commitment and dedication to our mission.

Accountability: Showing up to support is essential to the success of our mission.